About Us

The PCO Revolution’s mission is to encourage and support candidates running for Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) in King County and Washington State. Our goal is to empower grassroots PCOs to take back their parties from corrupt Establishment leadership. We believe the PCO is critical to a fair, transparent, and neutral primary process and aim to support candidates who stand with us on that issue.

Congratulations to our new Precinct Committee Officers

So you won your Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) election in August (or were uncontested). Now what?

Congratulations! You are now the PCO for your precinct. Your term began December 1st. Go ahead, tell your friends and neighbors you are an elected official. With that all previous PCOs, party bylaws, and leadership are out. The parties start again with a clean slate, with only RCW 29A.80 governing.

Voter Guide

Have you ever wondered who your PCO is? Ever wondered why they ran? If you've seen a contested race, have you ever wondered which candidate was the better choice?

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a voter guide for Precinct Committee Officer?

Well, the wait is over. PCO Revolution is compiling a statewide voter guide for the 2014 Precinct Committee Officer races! Every candidate who filed, even if they won't appear on the ballot, is eligible to participate. We will post all submitted statements in our candidate directory beginning June 21, 2014.

Run for Precinct Committee Officer

I need you to run for Precinct Committee Officer. Join your fellow revolutionaries, do your civic duty, and represent your neighborhood. It only takes your signature and a postage stamp to get your name on the ballot. If you change your mind later, no big deal! The office gives you tremendous power but very little responsibility. Being PCO takes less than a day per year. Holding the position opens up countless leadership and volunteer opportunities if you wish to be more involved.

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